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Prepare your network for the unexpected.

At SCTE®, through our partnership with CableLabs®, we recently patented the Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) process and we now offer the industry’s leading PNM course—enroll your team today!

Prepare your team to detect network problems before they happen— enroll in our PNM course today!

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What is proactive network maintenance and why is it essential to keep your network running smoothly?

PNM is a revolutionary philosophy. Unlike predictive, or preventive maintenance, proactive maintenance depends on a constant and rigorous inspection of the network to detect the causes of a failure—and remediation—before that failure occurs. PNM was pioneered at CableLabs in 2008. This breakthrough innovation analyzes information available in each cable modem to identify impairments in the coax portion of the cable network, making every cable modem in the network a troubleshooting device and a preventive diagnostic tool.

Preventative measures typically cost less than dealing with problems after they happen. An effective PNM program not only helps to reduce troubleshooting costs, but it also standardizes the data collection process, automates remote problem solving and provides an unprecedented amount of actionable information about the state of the network.

Together, CableLabs and SCTE are shaping the future of connectivity and creating a seamless ecosystem of innovation—our work on PNM is just the latest example. We’ve designed this exclusive course to prepare broadband professionals to better understand the elements and implementations of the multiple tools and techniques in our PNM tool kit.

How does PNM help your team find problems before they happen?

Proactive Network Maintenance can help you and your team:

  • Track transient issues related to the time of day, temperature, and other environmental variables, which can play a huge role in the performance of the cable system.
  • Provide unprecedented amounts of information about the state of the network.
  • Empower technicians to quickly and efficiently because solve problems by pinpointing where the problems are.
  • Enable customer service agents to create actionable service requests before the customer is even aware there is a problem!
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Are you and your network ready for anything?

Our Critical Facilities suite of courses was created to prepare your team and your network for the unpredictable, and to overcome potential causes of downtime.


See PNM in action!

Suckout Demo

Standing Waves Demo
Suckout Demo
Check out this real-world suckout demo from PNM Live at 2021 SCTE® Cable-Tec Expo®. Our experts go into the field to perform some analysis on an intermittent suckout and walk you through the troubleshooting process.
Standing Waves Demo
Watch our standing waves demo from PNM Live at 2021 SCTE® Cable-Tec Expo® to learn more about the impedance mismatches that cause amplitude ripples and standing waves, as well as how to find and correct those impedance mismatches.

Squares Waves Demo

Adjacent Channel Alignment Demo
Squares Waves Demo
Learn about Squares Wave in this demo from PNM Live at 2021 SCTE® Cable-Tec Expo®. This non-typical mystery impairment was located and repaired in the field.
Adjacent Channel Alignment Demo
See how the SCTE and CableLabs PNM work group are creating definitive guidelines for how to handle the 10 most common RF impairments. Watch our Adjacent Channel Alignment Demo from PNM Live at 2021 SCTE® Cable-Tec Expo® 2021.

Resonant Peaking Demo
Resonant Peaking Demo
In our resonant peaking demo from PNM Live at 2021 SCTE® Cable-Tec Expo®, we explain how grounding issues inside the amplifier housing can cause feedback and uncontrolled signal oscillation, and how to address this issue.

Learn Proactive Network Maintenance from the people who patented the process.