The Broadband Surge is Here. Is Your Team Ready?

Broadband growth continues to surge — and that means new services and more bandwidth. In response to the demand, service providers are investing a large amount of capital in upgrades and expansions in the US, North America and across the globe, fueled by government stimulus programs such as the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in the US, and High-Speed Access for All: Canada’s Connectivity Strategy.

Do you have enough fully trained staff to take on the challenge of this new wave of broadband?

Put Your Workforce on the Fast Track of Innovation.

A wide range of network technologies are emerging at a rapid pace to help deliver better broadband, higher security and more efficient operations. Leading the way is 10G, which promises consumers an experience that’s 100 times faster than they can achieve today. Technologies such as FTTx, DAA, DOCSIS® 4.0 and more are now available to the service provider who knows how to make the most of them.

Working directly with our service provider partners, SCTE has developed the deepest, most comprehensive broadband training courses in network architecture and construction­ to ensure your people are fully prepared to make your broadband growth a reality.

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SCTE and CableLabs — In it Together

CableLabs and SCTE have come together to expand the availability of industry-leading training, learning and development resources, and bring certification programs to a broader industry base.

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We Set the Standard for Certification

SCTE certifications help ensure that your organization has the skills to build next generation networks that seize today’s massive broadband opportunity. Developed in conjunction with industry experts representing the most successful service providers around the world, these certifications embody what network operators truly want in their staff — a depth of knowledge and practical expertise you won’t find anywhere else. And that means faster rollouts, fewer issues, higher growth and better profit margins.

Take a deeper look at SCTE and see how the right certifications can help your organization construct and deploy next generation networks — from the headend to the home.

Construction Engineering Professional (CEP)

When your people receive their CEP certification, it means they’re grounded in the construction and engineering techniques that make fiber and coax deployment fast, problem-free and future-ready.

Read more about the CEP online course here and online certification exam here.

Sign-up for the Coaxial Construction Course here and the Optical Fiber Construction Course here.

Broadband Distribution Specialist (BDS)

The BDS certification provides extensive knowledge of coaxial design and RF signals from the optical node to the distribution tap – including architectures, components, powering and construction techniques.

Read more and sign up for the BDS course of study here.

Check out the BDS online certification exam here.


Broadband Transport Specialist (BTS)

BTS certification provides deep knowledge on optical distribution in both the access and transport networks. This program covers optical theory, construction, equipment, components, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Read more and sign up for the BTS course of study here.

Check out the BTS online certification exam here.

Broadband Telecom Center Specialist (BTCS)

The BTCS program prepares you to work in the headend, focusing on standards and best practices for maintaining and troubleshooting inside plant facilities. This includes control and monitoring, powering and managing networks that support entertainment, voice and data.

Read more and sign up for BTCS course of study here.

Check out the BTCS online certification exam here.

Prepare for the CompTIA Network+ certification by taking our SCTE Network Specialist online course here..

Immerse Yourself in the Newest Technologies.

No matter what technologies and architectures you’re deploying, SCTE has you covered with best-in-class education and best practices.

Fiber Optic Best Practices, Courses and Certifications | Fiber Deep | FTTX | FTTH


  • Distributed Access Architecture (DAA)
    DAA is essential to understanding the evolution of HFC networks to accommodate more bandwidth and create new services. This course gives you intimate knowledge of R-PHY and R-MACPHY and explores headend upgrades and node modifications needed to evolve efficiently to DAA. Check out the course here.
  • Ethernet Transport Essentials
    Immerse yourself in Layer 2 and Ethernet by learning about Ethernet and MAC security, pseudo-wire and power over Ethernet — as well as all the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards you’ll need to confidently install CPE equipment. Sign up here.


  • Deploy DOCSIS®
    DOCSIS 4.0 is the gateway to new high-speed symmetrical services that increase the capacity of access networks and add full-duplex communications. Explore all the SCTE educational opportunities on DOCSIS 4.0 and more! Check out the DOCSIS 4.0 course here.
  • Recommended Practices for Coaxial Cable Construction and Test
    This manual details state-of-the-art coaxial cable design practices and is a must have for anyone in the management, construction and testing of coaxial networks. Content includes project management, cable handling, preparation, placement, powering, testing and equipment. Get it here.
  • Generic Access Platform (GAP)
    SCTE has created the first two standards for its Generic Access Platform, an effort to further network and service convergence through access network standardization.

    The GAP Enclosure Specification standardizes the mechanical housing and internal interfaces for outside plant applications. You can get it here

    The GAP Modules Specification details interoperable modules for use in the GAP Enclosure. This includes physical, environmental and electrical specifications as well as communications mechanisms. You can get it here.

Proactive Network Maintenance

Get Up to Speed with SCTE Boot Camps.

SCTE offers online and in person boot camps for any of its courses, immersing your employees with the customized, comprehensive training that helps them jump into action fast. Contact us for more information.

Level Up with the Corporate Alliance Partner Program.

Reach out to our Corporate Alliance Partner Program team to see how SCTE can tailor a curriculum that strengthens your organization and grows your business. Whether you’re an MSO, technology vendor or contractor, we’re ready to put our 50 years of technical leadership and industry experience to work and help prepare your people to seize today’s massive broadband opportunity.

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