Fiber Is The Future Of Connectivity. And We’ve Got The Training You Need To Deploy it.

Optical fiber communication technologies are the future of connectivity. And, at SCTE®, we’re shaping that future. Together with our partners at CableLabs®, we’re developing and delivering the training, certifications, best practices, and membership resources to improve your workforce performance and operational metrics.


Industry-leading Learning And Development. Built By Industry Leaders.

Our training (online and onsite) and professional certification content is built in partnership with our industry experts, including our broadband fiber working group, and our fiber transport working groups. These working groups define the competencies required by the industry for fiber-related training and certification in areas such as fiber-deep, DAA, DCA, FTTx, xPON and other fiber-transport technologies. These working groups are made up of technology experts from across the cable industry service providers.

SCTE® Is The Partner You Need To Deliver This Essential Training To Your Teams.

As a service provider, it’s critical to your future success that you support broadband, wireless, network evolution, and enterprise connectivity through the deployment of more fiber, deeper into your network. This deployment must be conducted using a workforce of subject matter experts aligned to your goals and strategy—a workforce that truly understands the hands-on components, as well as the knowledge behind the various fiber technologies. However, when there is a lack of highly qualified and well-educated fiber technicians in the industry, how do you build that workforce?

Partner with us to provide your technicians with these industry-leading fiber training courses:

  • Broadband Fiber Installation (BFI)
    This interactive course is designed to provide learners with the benefits of working with fiber to the premises (FTTP)/FTTx networks to service cable customers. Learners will be able to describe the types of passive optical networks (PON) used by cable operators and differentiate these networks from an HFC and Fiber Deep access network.
  • Fiber Splicer Specialist (FSS)
    This course will provide learners with the benefits of working with fiber to the premises (FTTP)/FTTx and Fiber Deep (Node + 0) networks to service cable customers. Learners will be able to describe the types of passive optical networks (PON) used by cable operators and differentiate these networks from an HFC and Fiber Deep access network.
  • Broadband Transport Specialist (BTS)
    This course focuses on optical signal distribution in the access and transport network architectures, while continuing to reach closer to a fiber deep deployment strategy to meet the customer’s bandwidth demands. A learner will have the knowledge of fiber optic light theory, optical network troubleshooting, fiber system preventive maintenance, construction, fiber optic components and equipment, and restoration in the access network.
  • Optical Fiber Construction (OFC)
    This course is based upon SCTE’s Recommended Practices for Optical Fiber Construction and Testing. Topics include fiber design and application, optical power budgets, cable preparation, splices and connectors, optical cable construction and restoration, leakage/LTE Interference measurement, conducting acceptance testing of a broadband optical link, and relevant field safety topics.
  • DAA Overview (DAA)
    This course covers the evolution of the hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) access network to accommodate higher capacity and improved reliability. Learners will receive essential knowledge in modular headend architecture, remote PHY (R-PHY), remote MAC/PHY and DAA video deployments. In addition, the new services like full duplex DOCSIS, virtualization, FTTx and software defined networks (SDN) that will be enabled through DAA. Finally, upgrades at the optical node, modifications in the headend, security and backhaul are examined throughout the course.
  • Fiber Restoration
    This course is designed to provide the knowledge required for restoring optical services in a safe and timely manner. Topics include optical safety, restoration techniques, responding to optical outages, preparing the fiber and splices. The final portion of the course explores the equipment used to perform optical testing to verify optical restoration.
  • Construction Engineering Professional
    The goal of the “Construction Engineering” course is to help the outside plant engineer understand and comprehend the pitfalls that could delay a construction project. The course covers the old and new ways to do a field survey and exposes the outside plant engineer to the make-ready construction process, allowing additional coax or fiber cable placement possible.

Fiber Certifications From SCTE—The Industry's Premier Professional Endorsement

Your future success as a service provider depends heavily on your ability to transform your business to support broadband, wireless, network evolution, and enterprise connectivity. It’s critical that you continue to not only invest in deploying more fiber deeper into your networks, but also invest in training the technicians you rely on to do it.

  • Broadband Fiber Installer (BFI) Certification Disponible en Español
    This certification describes the knowledge of field technician who perform installation of telecommunications services (video, voice, and data) delivered via fiber optics to the customer’s premises. Successful candidates have the knowledge to install and service fiber to the premises applications.
  • Broadband Transport Specialist Certification (BTS) Disponible en Español
    This certification describes the knowledge in the transport of optical signals, including aspects of the cable fiber network from the headend to the hub and from the hub to the node.

Rely on our industry expertise to build the expertise of your team give them access to our fiber certifications today!


Recommended Practices For Optical Fiber Construction & Test

With this recently updated manual, you can review, refine, and expand your knowledge of fiber optics and fiber technology. Get up to speed on the recommended practices for successful management, construction, documentation, and restoration of fiber systems.

Maximize Time With Microlessons.

Our MicroLessons are short, focused learning segments made available only to our members. These learner-centric, just-in-time trainings are available on multiple devices, easily accessible and meant for to be applied immediately on the job. Our fiber Microlessons include:

  • What is Fiber Deep (Updated)
  • Fiber Cleaning
  • Passive Optical Networks
  • GPON and XGS-PON
  • Benefits of Fiber Optic Cables over Coaxial Cables