SCTE Measurement Recommended Practices for Cable Systems


SCTE Measurement Recommended Practices for Cable Systems , Fourth Edition covers cable system measurement procedures from the early 1980's while widely expanding on the more modern digital measurements commonly used in today's complex digital systems. With most services now based on digital signaling, the industry needs more methodologies to evaluate digital signals. Since many operators are converting to all, or mostly-digital signaling, new tests and procedures are required. The latest revision of Recommended Practices expands on the previous editions to add greater coverage of measurement practices for digital signals, especially the addition of tests for total signal power and all-digital plant leakage. This new edition also covers customer premises equipment (CPE) with DOCSIS capabilities that report on plant conditions and proactively maintain the HFC plant. Other key topics that have been added or enhanced include: group delay, hum on digital signals, modulation error ratio (MER), phase noise, and QAM flatness. Published March 2012

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