Voice & Data Communications Handbook, Fifth Edition

Understand cutting-edge telecommunications and networking technologies using this straightforward, real-world implementation guide. Fully revised to cover all of the latest transmission protocols, Voice & Data Communications Handbook, Fifth Edition covers all the bases - from analog transmission, VPNs, and Lans to DSL, CATV, WiFi, VoIP, and GSM. This authoritative volume covers the ins-and-outs of each vital topic, supplies practical examples and solutions, and provides helpful self-tests. You'll also find up-to-date information on regulatory standards, switches, routers, frame relay, and security procedures. In addition you will learn how to do the following:Use new wireless technologiesUnderstand the building blocks of analog transmission - bandwidth, amplitude, and frequencyProvide transparent communications using the OSI model and seven-layer architectureTransmit information using routers, SS7, PBX, and KTS switchesSend and receive data across TCP/IP, wireless, cellular, and optical systemsConnect to multiple VPNs and LANs using frame relay, ATM, and MPLSPublished 2007