SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2013 Proceedings Thumb Drive

Workshop topics include: Big Data + Big Solutions = Bigger OpportunitiesHow Do You Consume a Yotta Data? One Byte At A Time!Understanding Big Data Through Visualization and Geospatial AnalysisVolume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity and YouCapacity Management-Feeding the Bandwidth BeastMulti-Layer Capacity Planning, Cost Modeling and OptimizationUnmanaged ABR: How To Control Those Unruly TeenagersUsing H.264 and H.265 Expertise To Boost MPEG-2 EfficiencyDoes This House Come With a Remote?Add Brain Cells to Your HomeThe Next Generation Subscriber Home NetworkSimple Just Got SimplerExtracting Even More Bandwidth from HFCDOCSIS® 3.1 and EPoC Deployment Scenarios: A ComparisonNext Generation HFC: The Looming Impacts of DOCSIS® 3.1 and EPON over Coax (EPoC)The Evolution of the Cable Access Technologies and Network Architectures: For This Decade and BeyondFaster, More Pervasive WiFi in Homes and Neighborhoods via New TechnologiesOptimal Subscriber Experience for Distributing Services Over WiFi in The HomeUnderstanding Technology Options for Deploying WiFiUpdate on Carrier WiFiFinding the Silver Lining in Cloud-Based DVRInfrastructure Considerations for Cloud DVRMulti-Room DVRThe Dawn of Cloud-based DVR ServicesFTTX-Why Wouldn't You Do It?Coax Or Fiber? The Bean Counter's PerspectiveDWDM Aggregation and Extension for TDM PON'sHFC on Steroids: Options for Energizing the HFC Plant Into the FutureDistributed Network Architectures for Next Generation Cable AccessNetwork Preparation: Maximizing Capacity ROIRethinking Amplifier Technology for DOCSIS® 3.1Implementing End-to-End IP Video SolutionsMaking Any Screen Your Main Screen Reality-Simplifying the Complexities of TV Everywhere ServicesPioneering IPTV in Cable NetworksThe Video Conundrum-Migrating to IP VideoImproving and Consolidating the Cable Back Office With Customer Experience in MindAutomating Testing to Meet Enterprise SLAsThe Back Office is the Front Line -The New Normal-OSS/BSS in TransformationTransforming OSS/BSS and Succeeding-A Cablevision Argentina Case StudyIPv6 Is Here, Where Are You?IPv6 Deployment Best PracticesMastering the IPv6 TransitionQuantifying the User Experience behind CGNLeveraging Better Compression, Higher Resolution, and Targeted Advertising to Speed the Transition to IP Video via Connected DevicesCapturing TV Everywhere Ad Revenue with Local Linear InsertionJumping on the Right HEVC Train-Pragmatic Migration Strategies To The New Compression StandardThe Future of 4K UHD-Examining Methods to Acquire, Exchange and Distribute High Quality ContentLeveraging Field Operations to Enable MSO GrowthDemands of Field & Workforce OperationsMatching Business Process and Tools to Achieve Significant Operational EfficiencyOptimizing Field Service Cost and PerformanceManaging Energy Across Cable's Distributed EnterpriseBrownouts in the Brownfields?Harnessing the Power of Data-Monitoring Essentials to Manage Energy and Protect AvailabilitySTB Energy Conservation-Initiatives and ChallengesManaging to Maximize the Customer ExperienceCustomer Experience Management for Operator Wi-FiMaximizing QoE for IPTV With IPDRTroubleshooting and Monitoring Recommendations for TV Everywhere DeploymentsProactive Network Operations: ÊIt's a Family AffairDOCSIS® Pre-Equalization: Vastly Powerful, Often UndervaluedEmpowering Operations with Equalization and CPE Spectrum AnalysisLeveraging Full Band Capture to Improve the Customer Experience and Operational PerformanceThe Full (Band) Story: How Smart CPE Will Change HFC Maintenance ForeverPushing Fiber and Edge Access To the Limit (Bandwidth and Distance)EPON and EPOC: A Unified Fiber and Coax Network Solution for Business ServicesValue of Transparency in the Evolution of HFC Networks: How Optical Transparency Enhances Capacity, Promotes Innovation and Preserves Infrastructure in HFC NetworksThe Edge Transformation of the Cable HubRemote PHY: Close to Our HeartBeyond CCAP V2 N2GANDOCSIS® Remote PHYHas the Time Come for Remote PHY?Software Defined Networking-Mining the Hidden Potential in Your Cable NetworkOptimizing Multi-Layer Networks with Transport SDNSDN in Cable Access NetworksUnleashing Network Potential through SDN on Virtual Networking Lab EnvironmentsTechnologies and Services Driving Continued Business Services GrowthCloud Services for Business CustomersHosted PBX-The ChallengesHow EPON Can Maximize your Business Services ROIThe Evolving Customer ExperienceBridging the Usability Gap in Connected Devices with Intelligent Conversational InterfacesThe Current State of Apps on TV and Web on TV, and Where It Is HeadingUtilizing Recommendations Profiles and Viewing Behavior to Personalize the Second Screen ExperienceWays that the User Interface and Video - Live and On-Demand - Can Benefit From a More Cloud Based ArchitectureThe Future of Advanced MonitoringNew Analytic Methods for Determining Network Performance Issues and Predicting Serv