Fibre Optic Transmission for Technicians


This online page turning handbook is designed as a stand-alone reference manual for Fibre Optic technicians working in the broadband telecommunications industry. It maybe used either on its own or as part of the Society for Broadband Professions Fibre Optic Transmission for Technician's course.

Topics include:

  • The History & Development of F.O. Technology.
  • Health & Safety When Working with F.O.
  • Types of Cables and Connectors used in the F.O. Industry.
  • Applications of F.O. with an Understanding of the Technology.
  • Blown Fibre Techniques Explained.
  • Fibre Containment Methods Demonstrated.
  • Components Contained Within the Systems.
  • Fibre Network Topologies, PON / FTTH.
  • Calculations of Signal Losses and Gains.
  • (D)WDM, Types of Laser, Optical Ampli?ers.
  • Splicing & Termination of F.O. Cables & Connectors.
  • OTDR Principles of Operation and Measurements.

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