The Next Level of Simulated Training

NetworkSim® 2.0


We are excited to introduce the launch of a new type of training simulation – NetworkSim 2.0 – which is now available in SCTE’s Broadband Premises Installation (BPI) Fundamentals and Broadband Premises Troubleshooting (BPT) courses.

While the original NetworkSim modules provide guidance and instruction on how to perform specific tasks, NetworkSim 2.0 gives learners complete control to virtually perform those tasks as they would in the field. By making decisions and taking action in real time, learners can try their newly acquired skills in a safe, consequence free environment. This practical application allows for a level of comprehension that translates into on-the-job confidence.

Enroll in the BPI Fundamentals and BPT courses today and try NetworkSim 2.0 for yourself!