Online Course

Understanding Cloud Computing (CompTIA Cloud Essentials)


The SCTE Understanding Cloud Computing course was developed leveraging the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification materials. This training will prepare the learner to sit for the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification exam.

Learners will have the knowledge and an understanding of the characteristics of Cloud services from a business and technical perspectives, along with Cloud types. In addition, learners will understand the steps to successful adoption of cloud computing, the impact and changes of cloud computing on IT service management. The learner will be able to demonstrate comprehension of the six domains of cloud computing as defined by CompTIA. Finally, the risk and consequences of cloud computing will be explored.

Course Topics Include:

  • Characteristics of Cloud Services from a Business Perspective
  • Cloud Computing and Business Value
  • Technical Perspectives/Cloud Types
  • Steps to Successful Adoption of Cloud Computing
  • Impact and Changes of Cloud Computing on IT Service Management
  • Risk and Consequences of Cloud Computing  


Online, Self-Paced

This course is expected to take 12 weeks to complete online, about 1 hours per week. As an onsite boot camp, the length is .5 days. Learners view online interactive materials at a time that is convenient for the learner.

Course access information will be emailed when the course is purchased.

System Requirements

  • High speed Internet (HSI) connection
  • Updated Internet Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer)
  • HTML5 Support

Target Audience

Designed for service providers, cable IT professionals, business analysts, data center professionals, business/commercial service installers or project managers.

Recommended Prerequisites