Online Course

Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM)


The Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) course prepares broadband professionals to better understand the elements and implementations of the multiple tools and techniques inside of the PNM tool kit. This course teaches participants what proactivity truly is and how it applies to their everyday jobs. It also details: different PNM technologies such as pre-equalization and how it addresses plant problems, how it works within DOCSIS® and how it can be used to identify and locate plant problems. In addition, participants will discover how full RF capture and spectrum analysis can be done in DOCSIS modem chips and how it can be used to identify plant impairments across the access network. Finally, the next generations of PNM tools are reviewed such as techniques to solve for non-linear distortion and the benefits that orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) provides within DOCSIS 3.1 from a PNM perspective.

Requirements for Successful Course Completion

  • Module quizzes 80% or higher
  • Course final test 80% or higher

Included in the Course

  • Engaging and Interactive LightningMod™ to prepare learner for training 
  • In-depth interactive eBook modules 
  • Module assessments
  • Course final exam
  • Fun VirtuGame® to improve absorption and retention of competencies 

Format and Schedule

The course is expected to take around 4 weeks or 1 month to complete, during which participants view web based course materials and complete assessments (quizzes) at a time that is convenient for them. Participants may contact the instructor when they have questions.   

Participants spend approximately 2 – 4 hours per week, on average, completing the various course activities in order to maximize the learning benefits. 100% of the schedule is determined by the participant (viewing online materials and completing quizzes). 

System Requirements

  • High-speed Internet connection 
  • Internet browser with HTML 5 support

Course Objectives

  • Upon successful completion of this course the student should be able to:
  • Explain why proactivity is required to improve customer satisfaction, maximize capacity, and lower cost of operations
  • Understand how proactive network management (PNM) works, including the basics of DOCSIS pre-equalization
  • Name example use cases of PNM and how it can be applied to daily jobs
  • Describe full spectrum RF capture and example use-cases for identifying impairments on the cable RF network
  • Recall next generation approaches to proactive network management, such as DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM PNM opportunities

Target Audience

  • Customer Facing Installation Technicians / Broadband Premises Installers
  • Mid- to Senior-Level Data Technicians
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Outside Plant Personnel
  • Headend Technicians
  • Network Engineers
  • Engineering Managers

Recommended Prerequisites

Broadband Premises Installation Course and Industry Certification

Upon Successful Completion

  • SCTE Course Completion Certificate
  • 1 Recertification Units (RUs) toward SCTE certification renewal