Online Course

Optical Fiber Construction (OFC)


The Optical Fiber Construction course is based upon SCTE’s Recommended Practices for Optical Fiber Construction and Testing. Topics include fiber design and application, optical power budgets, cable preparation, splices and connectors, optical cable construction and restoration, leakage/LTE Interference measurement, conducting acceptance testing of a broadband optical link, and relevant field safety topics.

This course is expected to take around 12 weeks to complete. Participants view pre-recorded, narrated presentations and complete learning activities at any time that is convenient for them. Participants spend approximately 4-6 hours per week, completing the various course activities in order to maximize the learning benefits. Access information will be emailed when the course is purchased.

Seminar Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of fiber optics theory and how optics transport data and how fiber conducts signals
  • Learn how to properly handle and splice fiber and identify construction concerns
  • Define appropriate uses of network architectures based on services offered and depth of fiber desired
  • Describe the sources of light and light detectors
  • Explain the different transmission types and properties of optical fibers 
  • Use applicable test equipment for fiber testing, performance verification, and troubleshooting

Target Audience

  • Broadband Premises Installers / Technicians
  • Technical Operations
  • Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) or Access Network Technicians
  • Outside Plant (OSP) Technicians
  • Maintenance Technician, System Technician or equivalent
  • Headend or Hub Engineers

Recommended Prerequisites


Upon completion of Maintenance Technology Level 2, Network Testing and Maintenance Level 2 and Optical Fiber Construction, learners will be prepared to earn the nationally recognized SCTE Broadband Transport Specialist (BTS) certifications.

Upon Successful Completion

  • SCTE Course Certificate College credits when registered with an SCTE college partnership
  • 2 Recertification Units (RUs) toward SCTE certification renewal