Online Course

Linux Essentials (Linux Professional Institute)


The course provides the fundamentals of the Linux operating system and the command line. It provides a “starting place” for learning the Linux operating system. Learners who complete this course will understand Linux as an operating system, basic open-source concepts, how Linux is used and the basics of the Linux command line.

This course implements a "practice as you learn" approach to training. Each learner has hands-on access to a Linux virtual machine to practice throughout the course, exploring and trialing Linux command line concepts. The learner is also provided with prescriptive step-by-step practical labs. These labs provide an environment where learners interact with the Linux operating system and build on their skills and knowledge as they progress through the course.

Target Audience

Anyone who desires a practical and technical introduction to the Linux operating system. This includes field technicians, business technicians, headend technicians, network operations center (NOC) staff, network engineers, network administrators, and IT help-desk staff.

Recommended Prerequisites


Linux Essentials is a starting point for learners interested in becoming Linux professionals or certified in the Linux operating system. This course does not include an exam. To learn about the current certification (exam code 010-160) please visit:

To schedule a certification exam: