Online Course

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)


The Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) course will begin with reviewing IP fundamentals and the standards associated with IP delivery. Learners will understand the delivery methods used by operators, along with the digital compression techniques used to optimize bandwidth efficiency in the network. The course will describe modern technologies like adaptive bit rate (ABR) and dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH). Finally, related skills in IP, structured cabling and MoCA will be explored.

Requirements for Successful Course Completion

  • Module quizzes 70% or higher
  • Course final test 70% or higher

You may take the course final test up to 3 times.

Format and Schedule

The course is delivered onsite or online via the SCTE virtual classroom.

Target Audience

  • Broadband Premises Installers
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Outside Plant Personnel

Recommended Prerequisites


Upon Successful Completion

Course Completion Certificate