Online Course

CCNA 1v7: SMPTE 10.24.22-1.16.23


This course is for the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers only

CCNA 1v7: SMPTE for cable professionals is the first of three courses that are used to prepare for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam. This course also prepares individuals for the SCTE Internet Protocol Engineering Professional (IPEP) Industry certification.

CCNA 1 introduces SCTE learners to fundamental networking concepts and technologies using a hands-on approach.  Programming, cabling and installing routers, L2/L3 switches, IP configuration and other network equipment, with an emphasis on cable operator operations.

In addition, the course will assist learners in developing the necessary skills to plan and implement small networks across a range of applications. An advanced understanding of TCP/IP, architectures, topologies, OSI model layers and network designs will be explored throughout the course. SCTE courses emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and the practical application of skills.

By the end of this course, the learner will be able to build LANs, perform configurations for routers and switches, and implement IP addressing schemes in both IPv4 and IPv6.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Configure switches and end devices to provide access to local and remote network resources.
  • Explain how physical and data link layer protocols support the operation of Ethernet in a switched network.
  • Configure routers to enable end-to-end connectivity between remote devices.
  • Create IPv4 and IPv6 addressing schemes and verify network connectivity between devices.
  • Explain how the upper layers of the OSI model support network applications.
  • Configure a small network with security best practices.
  • Troubleshoot connectivity in a small network.


Online, Self-Paced Scheduled with Virtual Instructor

This course is expected to take 12 weeks to complete online, about 4 to 6 hours per week. As an onsite boot camp, the length is 3 days supplemented with online content.  Learners view online interactive materials and complete learning activities at a time that is convenient for the learner. A scheduled orientation, along with virtual online Cisco Certified Academy Instructor (CCAI) coaching sessions will be available.  Learner participation is strongly suggested by SCTE to provide the best learning experience.  If the learner is unable to attend a coaching session, each session will be recorded.

Course access information will be emailed when the course is purchased from SCTE.

System Requirements

  • High speed Internet (HSI) connection
  • Updated Internet Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer)
    • HTML5 Support

Target Audience

The target audience is anyone who desires a practical and technical introduction to the field of networking. This includes field technicians, data technicians, business technicians, headend technicians, network operation center (NOC) staff, network engineers, network administrators, and IT help-desk staff.

Recommended Prerequisites

Network Specialist (CompTIA Network+) or equivalent

NOTE: A learner can ONLY sign up for a single CCNA course at a time.


After completing CCNA3v7 learners are prepared to sit for the CCNA exam number 200-301

The SCTE CCNA program prepare individuals for the SCTE Internet Protocol Engineering Professional (IPEP) Industry certification.

Upon Successful Completion

  • Cisco course completion certificate
  • 4 recertification units (RUs) toward SCTE certification renewal
  • Discount certification exam voucher from the SCTE Cisco Academy