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We are a World Leader in Broadband Engineering

Antronix designs and manufactures the high-performance HFC and fiber devices delivering data, voice, and television services across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe. For 40 years Antronix has led the industry in developing, improving, and bringing to market the technology that brings telephone, cable, and data services into homes, businesses, and institutions. Every amplifier, multi-tap, optical device, and drop passive we deliver comes with the Antronix Advantage. Our guarantee of:

• expert engineering and a seamless manufacture-to-delivery process

• smartly integrated MoCA and VoIP functions, and capacity out to 1, 1.2, 1.6, and 1.8 MHz

• rigorous performance testing and quality control

• intuitive and combined designs for ease of installation and fewer points of failure

• DOCSIS 3.0 and beyond compatibility

• practical technician training for installation and usage

• technical consultation for network customization • 609-860-0160


Antronix engineering continues to revolutionize telecommunications

and pilot the broadband industry forward with high-performance devices that extract serviceability from the vast, existing HFC network - while helping MSOs stay current with DOCSIS and fiber optic technology. Devices like our E-Option plug-ins, fiber nodes, and Inverted Fiber Amplifiers help our customers capitalize on their investments, safeguard the bottom line, and stay ahead of subscriber demands.