Field Technician II to Field Technician III

Part 2 Troubleshooting and Repair Process Wireless LAN Client Devices
Cable Math and Basic Theory Access Methods, Architectures, and Spread Spectrum Technology
Wireless Networks for Customer Premises RF Fundamentals for Wireless LAN Technology
Wi-Fi Standards and Transmission Wireless LAN Antennas and Accessories
Wi-Fi Radio Frequency Fundamentals Wireless LAN Terminology and Technology
Antenna Theory for Wi-Fi Networks Planning a WLAN Site Survey
Wireless LAN Security and Common Threats Performing an RF Wireless LAN Site Survey
Troubleshooting Wireless Networks Troubleshooting and Maintaining Wireless Networks
Wireless LAN Infrastructure Devices Cable Wi-Fi
Wireless LAN Security Switched Digital Video (SDV) Overview and Components
Introduction to Computer Networking

Field Technician III to Field Technician IV

IP Addressing Essentials of IPv4 Networking
TCP/IP Networks Essentials of IPv6 Networking
Wireless RF Networks Essentials of IP Routing and IP Video
Network Equipment, Virtualization,
and Cloud Computing None

Field Technician IV to Field Technician V

Basic Switch and End Device Configuration IPv4 Addressing Part I
Protocols and Models IPv4 Addressing Part II
Physical Layer IPv6 Addressing
Number Systems ICMP
Data-Link Layer Transport Layer
Ethernet Switching Application Layer
Subnetting IP Networks Network Security Fundamentals
Address Resolution Build a Small Network

Field Technician V to Field Technician VI

Switching Concepts Switch Security Configuration
VLANS Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Concepts
Inter-VLAN Routing WLAN Configuration
STP Concepts Routing Concepts
EtherChannel IP Static Routing
DHCPv4 Troubleshoot Static and Default Routes
SLAAC and DHCPv6 Multiplexing Signals
FHRP Concepts Optical Links and Wave Division Multiplexing

Required Trainings Are From The Following Courses: Broadband Premises Troubleshooting – Part 1, Broadband Premises Troubleshooting – Part 2, Broadband Wireless Specialist, Certified Wireless Technology Specialist, Digital Fundamentals