Understanding Cable Technology: Digital Video

Emily Nikoo, Executive Vice President, Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. explains Digital Video as part of SCTE's LiveLearning Webinar - Understanding Cable Technology: Digital Video. See the entire webinar and learn more at www.scte.org/livelearning.


Description: SCTE has a wide variety of resources available to help you understand the technology in our industry, and how it relates to you and your customers. This webinar provides an overview of cable's Digital Video Technology, starting with the traditional system basics, to today's transformations and tomorrow's trends. 

Following this webinar, you will better understand basics such as linear and time shifted programming, how cable networks are evolving to accommodate IPTV, and how things are changing for the consumer including OTT, TV Everywhere and interactive features.

To see the complete archived presentation and learn more, visit www.scte.org/livelearning.

This topic also relates to the SCTE Broadband Premises Intaller (BPI) Certification and Understanding Cable Technology training course.