SCTE Technology Career Program

The SCTE Technology Career Program is designed to provide students with an introduction to the cable telecommunications industry and the ability to graduate with an industry-recognized SCTE certification.

In the program, SCTE partners with both a trade school or community college and a local cable operator or SCTE Chapter to provide a career path option for students. The foundation of the program is the SCTE’s industry recognized curriculum and certification programs, along with the related resources, including guidebooks and associated certification prep courses.

By developing this educational partnership between local trade schools/community colleges, SCTE and cable operators, the Technology Career Program is helping to:

  • Lower training cost for cable operators and contractors by creating "Cable-ready" installers and technicians
  • Provide new training opportunities for SCTE chapters
  • Develop new career path options for the trade schools/community colleges
  • Introduce students to entry-level opportunities in the cable telecommunication industry

How SCTE Members and Chapters Can Get Involved:
The Technology Career Program flourishes in areas where there are champions of the program within the local chapter. If your local chapter is interested in developing a program near you, or would like to get involved with an existing program, email