SCTE•ISBE LiveLearning Webinars™ 2018 Schedule

January: Fiber Deep Networks

The drive to provide more bandwidth to homes and businesses is leading to greater deployments of fiber. This webinar will review best practices that ensure economy and efficiency now and the ability to expand in the future.

February: Next-Generation PON Options

New standards for both EPON and GPON promise greater capacity and multiwavelength capabilities. This webcast will review these evolving standards, what technology is available now, and what will be available in the near future.

March: Distributed Access Architecture

Interest in Distributed Access Architecture continues to grow among operators looking for more efficient, less power-hungry networks. Attendees will learn about why Distributed Access Architectures can improve network efficiency. They’ll also learn the differences between Remote PHY and Remote MAC-PHY, the two main options.

April: Testing and Measuring Optics

The growing interest in fiber deep deployments has put new emphasis on the ability of technicians to quickly and accurately measure fiber-optic networks. This webinar highlights what technicians need to know as well as how to ensure accurate, efficient optical network measurements.

May: 4K/HDR/UHD Video Delivery

Is your network ready for the next generation of video? Find out in this webinar, which will examine the current status of next generation video formats and the demands they will place on cable operator networks.

June: What's Next for DOCSIS?

With DOCSIS 3.1 in the deployment stage and the first specifications for Full Duplex DOCSIS 3.1 approved, what else is there to know about DOCSIS? Well, you’ll find out if you attend this webinar, which will examine the current state of these two DOCSIS technologies as well as where things may head in the future.

July: Wireless Networks at the Premises

Delivering gigabit to the premises is only part of the challenge. Ensuring customers can fully access that capacity is a major component – and that component is now usually wireless. This webinar examines the latest generation of wireless technology and how to ensure proper deployment.

Software Defined Cable Access Networks

The industry has discussed software-defined networking (SDN) and virtualization for some time. But the advent of Distributed Access Architecture has opened the door for such discussions to evolve toward reality. This webinar examines how software-defined access capabilities could benefit cable operators; our speakers will suggest strategies as well that can help operators begin to apply such capabilities in their networks.

September: Premises Installation Best Practices

You want to get it right at the customer site. The speakers on this webcast show you how, regardless of the media in use.

October: Mid-Split Networks

Interest in mid-split as an option for growing upstream bandwidth continues to grow. This webinar describes the mid-split approach and its effectiveness in enabling broadband services that are more symmetrical.

November: Taking the Service Experience to the Cloud

Operators have had success with such services as cloud-based DVR. Now they’re examining what else would make sense to move to the cloud. This webinar examines the options and will help you plot your cloud-migration strategy.

December: Improving Business Services

Business services offer a lucrative opportunity for cable operators, particularly as they add capacity to their networks. The speakers in this webinar will describe the current business services landscape and offer suggestions about how to win more customers – and larger ones.