SCTE•ISBE Leadership Institute: Georgia Tech Executive Education – Schedule and Descriptions


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Session Descriptions

(sessions may change depending on future updates)

Strategic Thinking, Frameworks, and Trends in Cable

  • Learn about frameworks to analyze competition in technology industries
  • Examine trends and transformations in the cable industry
  • Understand how to develop a technology strategy that supports the business and the firm’s critical success factors

Financial and Managerial Accounting

  • Develop the ability to read and understand the four basic financial statements
  • Learn to evaluate financial statements using both ratio and vertical analysis methods
  • Examine the important information included in financial statements for the cable industry and competitor analysis

Justifying Technology Investments

  • Basics of Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Does one Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) fit all in large conglomerates? Consequences of picking one WACC.
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Real Options / Decision Trees

Managing Projects

  • What is the “Worry Curve” and why should I shift it?
  • What are the three dimensions of project performance, and what is the key to achieving overall success on all three?
  • For whom is a project charter created, and why is one needed for every project?
  • What is a critical path of a project, how do I find it, and why do I care?

Effectively Communicating Complex Ideas

  • Organize into three listener-centered points.
  • Present in a style that connects.
  • Answer questions in a way that inspire confidence.

Managing Change in Technology Implementations

  • Understand the business drivers for change
  • Assess the political landscape for change
  • Understand the different stages and roles in change implementation
  • Discover proven tools for measuring change progress and outcomes
  • Develop versatility in change leader behaviors

Leading and Managing High Performing Teams

  • Understand models of leadership & management styles
  • Develop approaches for dealing with difficult people
  • Understand the characteristics of high performing teams