Top 10 Reasons to Choose SCTE Training

  1. SCTE trains telecommunications professionals at all levels, from contractors and installers to senior level engineers, as well as all industry segments including operators, vendors and programmers
  2. SCTE has been the industry's leading training organization for over 40 years
  3. SCTE training courses are built on an unmatched understanding of technology and network infrastructure from an in-house technical training and development staff with decades of cable experience and a vast network of working groups consisting of the industry's technology experts and thought leaders
  4. SCTE training is recognized as the benchmark for proving cable knowledge and is currently utilized by numerous operators as an internal path for promotion and career advancement
  5. International telecommunications organizations have consistently relied on SCTE training as their foundation for future business growth and development because all SCTE training courses can be customized to fit the specific business requirements, understanding and strategies of any cable organization
  6. SCTE offers numerous, convenient course delivery methods to fit telecommunication professionals schedules and learning styles
  7. To date, SCTE training has helped professionals earn more than 10,000 SCTE certifications—the industry’s premier technical certification
  8. When compared to other industry training organizations, SCTE training courses provide cost-effective solutions that fit into any size budget
  9. SCTE CCNA and CCENT preparation courses are the only Cisco Academy programs that offer cable-specific content
  10. SCTE has established educational partnerships with colleges and universities where select SCTE Training Courses qualify for college credits applicable to certificate and degree programs.