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Documents establish accurate measurements and baselines of energy use in cable networks

JULY 30, 2015 (Exton, PA)—The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) today announced the approval and availability of a first wave of standards that will be key to the success of the cable industry’s landmark Energy 2020 program.

The Energy Metrics, Data Collection & Reporting Working Group has produced four standards that will enable the industry to benchmark energy usage—creating the metrics, the uniform baselines, and the measurement functions that are needed to accurately assess current energy consumption and predict power requirements for future services.  They include:

  • SCTE 210 2015—Performance Metrics for Energy Efficiency & Functional Density of Cable Data Generation, Storage, Routing, and Transport Equipment
  • SCTE 211 2015—Energy Metrics for Cable Operator Access Networks
  • SCTE 212 2015—Cable Operator Energy Audit Framework and Establishment of Energy Baseline
  • SCTE 213 2015—Edge and Core Facilities Energy Metrics

“A huge step in meeting our industry-wide goal of double-digit reductions in energy costs and consumption by the end of the decade is establishing a common way of understanding energy usage across the operator community,” said Dan Cooper, vice president, critical infrastructure for Time Warner Cable and chair of the SCTE Standards Program’s Energy Management Subcommittee.  “These metrics and baselining standards provide the precise starting points and consistent measurement criteria that will allow members of the cable community to map network engineering and operations activities against the industry’s Energy 2020 goals.”

“While these standards collectively will contribute to reducing energy usage, what’s equally important is their value within our Energy 2020 ecosystem,” said Mark Dzuban, president and CEO of SCTE.  “These are among the first in a comprehensive set of standards that are designed to inform purchase decisions for new hardware to drive lower per unit energy costs and consumption.”

The new standards enable common measurement from the rack to the system level, including:

  • Measurement of the performance of rack or shelf equipment with regard to minimizing the power required to do a particular job, as well as quantifying the amount of useful work the equipment provides per physical space (SCTE 210)
  • Measurement of how effective changes in the access network service impact energy consumption from both a high-level and functional operations perspective (SCTE 211)
  • Auditing of power consumption and the accurate establishment of baseline energy measurements for cable system operators’ inside and outside plant, not including customer-powered equipment (SCTE 212)
  • Creation of energy metrics that will help operators measure how effective changes in the service impact energy consumption, and improve performance operationally, financially and environmentally for edge and core facilities (SCTE 213).

The full suite of metrics and baseline standards is available on the SCTE Energy Standards and Operational Practices page at

Energy 2020 brings together cable operator and vendor expertise to create alignment on standards and operational practices, to drive design and implementation of equipment, and to create SCTE training resources that will enable workforce teams to optimize technology for maximum efficiency. Energy 2020 is targeting the following goals by the end of the decade: reduction of power consumption by 20% on a unit basis; energy cost reduction by 25% on a unit basis; reduction of grid dependency by 10%; and optimization of the technical facilities and datacenters footprint by 20%.

More information on Energy 2020 and the SCTE Energy Management Program is available at or by e-mailing SCTE Energy 2020 resources are being made available worldwide through SCTE’s global brand, the International Society of Broadband Experts (ISBE).




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