Technology Partner Corporate Alliance Program

Consider joining or renewing your membership and retaining access to a network of over 19,000 technical professionals. Your employer may pay to renew this membership for you. Please check with your supervisor prior to joining or renewing. You also will stay current through the valuable technical resources available to you through

This information provides you with the summary of the join/renewal process for your organization. Any memberships purchased under one of the following companies listed at the bottom of this web page will go towards that companies Corporate Alliance Partnership and the company will get credit on their corporate account. The credit that the company receives goes towards benefits and discounts.

In order to renew your membership, you will need to either log into the SCTE•ISBE website or call our offices (1-800- 542-5040) and pay for your membership renewal with a credit card. New Members can go through the SCTE•ISBE join process.

Technology Partners