Switched IP Video - Cable’s Fast-Track to Infinite HD and IPTV

This webinar will discuss, compare and contrast the market and technology drivers, architectures, key ingredient technologies and protocols involved in the delivery of broadcast video, switched digital video, switched IP video and IPTV.  In doing so, many of the technical, commercial and operational misconceptions, challenges and benefits of various IPTV migration strategies will be discussed.

Topics include:  A comparison of switched IP video vs. broadcast video, the market and technology drivers for switched IP video, a comparison of architectures and timing for switched IP video and IPTV-over-DOCSIS, high-level cost and time-to-market considerations for IPTV migration, as well as the technical, commercial and operational misconceptions and benefits of switched IP video. 

Presented March, 2014, by Stan Koukarine, CTO; Joseph Nucara, CEO and Co-founder; Mark Guerrazzi, Vice President, Business Development;  Adara Technologies Inc.
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