Streamlining RFoG and OBI Mitigation To Improve Customer Ex

Join SCTE/ISBE and ADTRAN for an informative webinar highlighting the reasons global cable network operators are evaluating SDN for their broadband and Ethernet access networks. Operators are faced with new competition every day, whether that is over-the-top content providers or new overlay providers entering their markets. To be successful in this new environment, operators need Software Defined Access (SD-Access) to drive service agility and cost savings necessary to unleashing lucrative user-driven services that will aid in customer retention and ultimately drive network profitability today, and into the future. Discussion points will include examining the monolithic, big-box network silos that exist today preventing rapid service creation and how deploying an open, programmable and scalable services framework will create nimble, and highly scalable access networks. The discussion will wrap up with a snapshot of the next generation broadband technologies that are being tagged as the
6/20/2017 - 6/20/2017

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