SCTE∙ISBE Compliance Information

2018 Compliance and Awards Matrix

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has deemed the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers exempt from federal taxes under Section 501(c)(6) of the Code of Federal Regulations. Through the partnership agreement with SCTE∙ISBE, its chapters and meeting groups also enjoy this tax-exempt status. All SCTE∙ISBE US Chapters share the same tax ID code as the national organization. Each chapter also has a set of Bylaws that governs their group. These Bylaws are made in accordance to the SCTE∙ISBE Bylaws to ensure that the entire organization, including chapters, is poised to carry out the SCTE∙ISBE mission.

In order to function properly (as the chapters are set up in their Bylaws) and within the US tax structure, the following items are required in order to remain as a chapter in "good standing" or "compliance". Chapters that do not submit required items may be placed on Conditional Status.

  • Board Meetings
    • All chapters are required to meet at least four (4) times per year. In order to count as one of the four meetings:
    • There must be quorum present (at least 50% of the board members; associate board members do not count toward quorum).
    • The secretary must submit meeting minutes after the meeting.
    • The minutes must include a treasurer’s report
    • The board must discuss at least two items of business.
    • Record any motions or actions taken by the board, such as approving expenses or appointing board members.
  • Financial Reports
    • All chapters must submit their financial reports and a copy of the bank statements within 30 days of the close of the Quarter (April, July, October, January)
    • Each year, the board of directors shall appoint a financial review committee of 3 members, two of whom shall be a member of the elected board but not an officer of the board, whose duty it shall be to review the financial information of the chapter. The third committee member can be an associate member or an SCTE∙ISBE member affiliated with the chapter. They shall review the budget, all bank statements and financial reports for the past 12 months and prepare a final report for the chapter documenting any issues they may find during the process. An elected board member shall serve as the committee chairman. Sample report.
  • Bank Signature Cards
    • At least one SCTE staff member (vice president of finance or senior director of chapters and membership) must be a signer on every chapter’s bank account. SCTE∙ISBE must receive a list of all signers on the bank accounts annually. If a new account is opened, SCTE∙ISBE must be sent a copy of the signature card to complete. If no changes are made, an email must be sent to the Chapter Support Department by January 30 stating that the card had been reviewed and no changes were made.
  • Chapter Bylaws
    • Each chapter board should read and review its Bylaws annually. This should be done to ensure that the chapter governs themselves as they are supposed to. If there are no changes necessary, the Bylaws Review Form should be sent to the Chapter Support Department indicating that the chapter has reviewed its Bylaws and there are no changes. If changes are needed, a Bylaws Change Request form should be sent to the Chapter Support Department and will be presented to the SCTE∙ISBE Chapter Support Committee for approval.
  • Elections
    • The chapter board must be elected annually by the chapter membership in accordance with the chapter bylaws. Election timeline, call for nominations, candidates and election results  are required to be submitted to the Chapter Support Department.
    • According to the Bylaws, chapter boards must meet at certain intervals. At a minimum, chapter boards must meet with a quorum four times per year. A copy of the meeting minutes must be sent to the Chapter Support Department to verify that the meetings took place.
    • SCTE∙ISBE Membership: Every individual serving on a chapter board must be a current SCTE∙ISBE member. Chapters must send a list of all their board members with contact information to the Chapter Support Department by January 31 of each year. Chapter Support will then review and let the chapters know if any individuals are not current on their memberships. Those individuals must renew their memberships within 30 days of notification or be removed from the chapter board.
    • All chapter leaders must complete the Conflict of Interest/Non-Disclosure Agreement form  to serve.
  • Professional Development
    • All chapters must offer 30 hours of technical training to maintain their chapter status. Trainings should be held at least once per quarter. The meeting report form and attendance sheets must be sent in their entirety to the Chapter Support Department to receive credit for the hours.
  • Conflict of Interest/Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • All chapter leaders, including officers, board members and associate board members, are required to complete the Conflict of Interest/Non-Disclosure Agreement each year. If you have questions or concerns about the form, please contact the chapter relations team.