Local Cable-Tec Games


Each local SCTE chapter is required to provide a minimum of 30 hours of technical training per year. Therefore, about 300 technical training sessions are offered by SCTE’s local chapters collectively.


SCTE Rocky Mountain Chapter, "Home Networking Technologies," September 15, 2011

Chapters provide technical training on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

Drop Installation Fundamentals

Signal Leakage

SCTE Certification Exam Preparation

Internet Protocol


Fiber Management

Broadband Distribution Network

Plant Maintenance and Standby Power


Return Path

Learn more about upcoming events near you by searching the SCTE Event Calendar. If you are interested in having a specific topic offered in your area, contact your local chapter volunteer.

At the SCTE Heart of America Vendor Day on May 9, 2012, Dennis Manzoli (left) from Greenlee instructed cable game participants about the proper usage of an MTDR.

Local chapter training represents the most training hours provided to the greatest number of SCTE members throughout the year. The chapter meetings and events often provide the only training and industry information outside of members’ day-to-day work environment that goes beyond the essential company-provided job-related material. SCTE chapter sessions complement employer efforts to develop a capable technical team member, AND they provide the participant with a wider understanding of the business.

—Wayne Hall, VP of Engineering, Comcast