Why Become SCTE•ISBE•ISBE Certified?

Prove Your Cable Knowledge:
The SCTE•ISBE Certification Program enables individuals to demonstrate proficiency of relevant, career-enhancing technical knowledge.

Gain Recognition For Your Skills:
 SCTE•ISBE certification provides employers with an industry-recognized benchmark for technical expertise that may be incorporated into the hiring, promotion and other human resource management processes.

Promote Your Expertise:
Identify yourself as a leader in your field. By maintaining and promoting your SCTE•ISBE certification, your skills will stay fresh on the latest technologies and you will stand out to current and prospective employers.

Advance Your Career:
Professional certification is a great way to demonstrate that you possess a solid knowledge of cable telecommunications technologies. Choosing to pursue SCTE•ISBE certification also says a lot about your drive, self-discipline and overall professionalism. That has the potential to lead to higher pay, promotions, and new job opportunities.

SCTE•ISBE Certification FAQ's
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