Maintain Your SCTE Certification

Technological change is a continual occurrence that erodes the value of professional certification unless that certification is periodically renewed. Therefore, SCTE certification is valid for a period of three years.

Individuals with SCTE certification(s) need to apply for recertification within six months before the expiration date or twelve months after the expiration date printed on their certification certificate. A total of 12 Recertification Units (RUs) (21 RUs for DVEP, IPEP and BCE) are required to maintain SCTE certification without having to re-take the exam. If you have not earned the minimum RUs, you may retake the exam, incurring the cost of the testing fee and the renewal application fee. The RUs must be earned during the 3-year certification period.

Individuals who fail to apply for recertification within the appropriate time period will lose their current certification status and will require complete repetition of the SCTE certification process and payment of the certification exam fee.

SCTE attempts to send recertification reminders to certification candidates as a courtesy. The candidate retains responsibility for ensuring all recertification requirements are fulfilled prior to expiration of the certification.

Recertification Process

  1. Complete the Recertification Application Form
  2. Gather documentation confirming the Recertification Units (RUs). The table below indicates which activities must be documented. Documentation consists of any of the following: a course/event certificate; a Recertification Unit Documentation Form signed by a chapter leader, manager/trainer, or event organizer; or a statement from someone who has knowledge that the individual participated in the RU activity.
  3. Send Recertification Application Form, documentation, and recertification fee to SCTE (see details on Application)
Recertification Activities # RUs Documentation Needed
SCTE Active Membership 1 RU/year No
Attend a Chapter Meeting 1 RU/day Yes
Attend a Half Day Chapter Meeting .5 RU/one-half day Yes
Attend local Chapter Vendor Day plus technical workshop* 1 RU/day Yes
Attend local Vendor Chapter Day without technical workshop* 0.5 RU/day Yes
Attendance at Full Day (6 instructional hours) of Technical Training or Presentations 1 RU/day Yes
SCTE Technical Courses See table of SCTE Course RUs No
Industry-Related Technical Course 1 RU/CEU or 2 RUs/College Credit Yes
Speaking/Presenting Technical Paper at National/Regional Conference 4 RUs/presentation Yes
Speaking/Presenting Technical Paper at Chapter/Local Conference 2 RUs/presentation Yes
Technical Article Published in Industry Publication
(Print or electronic posted on industry site)
4 RUs/article Yes
SCTE/Local Chapter Board Membership 2 RUs/year No
Active Participation in Technical-related SCTE Standing Committee/Subcommittee 2 RUs/year No
Submission of Potential Certification Exam Questions 1 RU/10 accepted questions/year No
Pass SCTE Certification Exam 4 RUs/exam No
Attend Cable-Tec Expo 3 RUs/year No
Cable-Tec Expo Floor Pass – Excluding Technical Workshops 1 RU/day No
Participation as a contestant in the National Cable games 1 RU No
Participation as a contestant in SCTE Chapter Cable Games .5 RU Yes
Attend Six SCTE Live Learning Presentations 1 RU/6 presentations Provide titles or dates

* Excludes vendor sales staff hosting table top display

Questions? Please contact or call 800-542-5040.