Intellectual Property Declarations

The following Patent Statement and Licensing Form declarations and related materials have been received by SCTE:

               Patent Statement and Licensing Form

General Declarations

ANSI/SCTE 20 Method for Carriage of Closed Captions and Non-Real Time Sampled Video

ANSI/SCTE 41 (formerly DVS 301), POD Copy Protection System
     Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

SCTE 90-1 (formerly CAPS 02-01) SCTE Applications Platform Part 1: OCAP 1.0 Profile
     CableLabs Television Laboratories, Inc
     Open Cable IPR Policy
     Sun Java License Agreement with CableLabs
     Java License Agreement
     Time Warner Cable     
     LG Electronics         

ANSI/SCTE 131 HMS VoIP Test Management Information Base (MIB) Definition SCTE-HMS-VOIP-MIB
     Tollgrade Communications

ANSI/SCTE 174 Radio Frequency over Glass Fiber-to-the-Home Specification

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