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JUNE 26, 2014 (Exton, PA)—The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) today announced a multi-year campaign by the SCTE Energy Management Program to provide cable system operators with the new standards, technology innovation, organizational solutions and training desired to drive continued network growth, availability and reliability. 
"Energy 2020" is a collaborative venture that brings together the collective vision and technology expertise of cable operators and the vendor community to achieve maximum customer uptime and enablement of cable network capacity growth via successful organization, customer and environmental energy solutions.  The program is intended to create alignment on standards and best practices, to drive design and implementation of equipment, and to create SCTE training resources that will enable workforce teams to optimize technology for maximum efficiency.
Goals for the program include:
Reduction of Power Consumption by 20% on a unit basis;
Energy Cost Reduction by 25% on a unit basis;
Reduction of Grid Dependency by 10%; 
Optimization of Technical Facilities and Datacenters Footprint by 20%; and 
Establishment of Vendor Partnerships that will impact hardware development by the end of the decade.
The vendor and operator members of the SCTE Standards Program will work together with the Energy 2020 team to create standards that will be incorporated into future cable network equipment requirements.  SCTE and the SCTE Energy Management Program stakeholder operators will unveil further details and implications of the program during a special session at SCTE Cable Tec Expo® 2014, to be held Monday through Thursday, Sept. 22-25, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.
"Ensuring both the availability and the efficient use of energy for cable’s needs are operational and financial imperatives," said John Schanz, chief network officer and executive vice president of Comcast Cable. "Vendors and operators who participate in the SCTE Standards Program will play pivotal roles in how Energy 2020 shapes future equipment designs and purchases that will help direct our industry’s energy requirements." 
Leveraging the input of a dozen U.S. and international operators, Energy 2020 has identified 12 primary initiatives across five categories:  Facilities, Plant, Operations, Technology, and Marketing/Regulatory.  SCTE Standards Program members will work directly with operator teams on an eight-step process that will take each initiative from concept through completion.
Energy 2020 and the SCTE Energy Management Program are the next steps in the evolution of comprehensive energy strategies for the cable industry.  The program incorporates initial work by SCTE’s Smart Energy Management Initiative (SEMI), particularly landmark remarks by retired Comcast executive Mark Coblitz.  In a 2012 SEMI presentation, Coblitz championed the concept of energy efficiency as a way to ensure that operators would have sufficient power to meet current and future business needs. 
"As cable enters the implementation phase of energy management, our goals are sharply defined: increasing availability, reliability and efficient use of energy supplies, as well as decreasing our impact on the surrounding environment," said Dan Cooper, vice president of critical infrastructure for Time Warner Cable and chair of the SCTE Standards Program’s Sustainability Management Subcommittee (SMS). "The standards, best practices and initiatives that are being put in place over the next several months will significantly enhance our industry’s ability to meet those objectives."
More information on the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo® energy session will be available in the near future. For more information on the SCTE Energy Management Program, please go to or contact Derek DiGiacomo at
The SCTE Standards Program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Complete information about the SCTE Standards Program—including how to become involved as an SCTE Standards Program member—is available in the Standards section of the SCTE website at
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