Broadband Premises Installer (BPI)

BPIThe Broadband Premises Installer (BPI) certification describes the knowledge of an entry-level technician who will install and troubleshoot telecommunications services (video, voice, and data) at the customer’s premises. The successful certification candidate has the knowledge to carry out a basic "triple-play" installation but is not yet proficient.

The BPI certification is the foundation and one of three stand-alone Broadband Premises certifications. Content includes "the what" of the basic installation. The other stand-alone premises certifications are the Broadband Premises Technician (BPT) and the Broadband Premises Expert (BPE).

Requirements: One (1) proctored 50-question multiple-choice exam, no prerequisites
Exam Time Limit: 2 hours
Exam Cost: SCTE members: $50; Non-members: $85

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Broadband Premises Installation and Service Guidebook
Broadband Premises Installation and Service Guidebook
The Broadband Premises Installation and Service Guidebook prepares broadband premises professionals (installers, installation contractors, and field technicians) for the SCTE Broadband Premises Installer (BPI) and the SCTE Broadband Premises Technician (BPT) certifications. This 500-page+ comprehensive printed guidebook containing over 300 graphics provides in-depth instruction on the technical competencies needed by field-level in-house or contract installation professionals. In addition to the technical components, the guidebook will provide an overview of the skills needed to provide exceptional customer service. The latest industry technologies such as MoCA, home wireless, and IP networks are included. Individuals will learn how to safely and with technical integrity install and troubleshoot multiple services for residential customers. Additionally, the publication will allow experienced technicians and installers to review and enhance their existing knowledge of the installation process and relevant terminology and acronyms. Each module contains self-study review questions. Discounts are available for orders of 25 or more. Contact Denise Beck at 610-594-7312 or Modules include: Introduction to Cable Networks and Installation Signaling and Transmission in Cable Networks Customer Service Installation Preparation Aerial Installation Underground Installation Bonding and Grounding Premises Wiring Equipment in the Home Test Equipment and Common Measurements Equipment Installation (Video) Equipment Installation (HSD) Equipment Installation (Voice) Troubleshooting and Repair Premises Signal Configuration Safe Work Practices Published: April, 2012
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