SCTE Energy Management

2012 SCTE  Energy Management Forum Keynote
Address Highlights:

Mark Coblitz, Comcast Corporation presents "The Need for Smart
Energy Management in Cable" — Read the Transcript.

2013 SCTE Energy Management Forum Keynote
Address Highlights:

Kevin Hart, EVP & CTO, Cox Communications presents a case
study of the Cox Conserves program.


SCTE EnergyManagement logoWhat is SCTE Energy Management?

SCTE Energy Management is the cable industry's strategic plan for smart energy management. This initiative is intended to drive the creation of meaningful vendor solutions that help operators manage power, density and performance growth in a manner that is good for business and the environment.

See an Overview of SCTE Energy Management – See the Primer
Learn Where SCTE Energy Management is Headed – Read the Mission
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SCTE Energy StandardsMake Energy Management a Priority for Your Company

Rising energy costs are a reality and something every business will have to address. Understanding ways to better manage those costs will be vital to continued profitability. Through best practices and through leadership efforts, SCTE's SCTE Energy Management can help organizations control their costs and improve efficiencies. Save your company money and conserve energy by joining the movement towards a more efficient cable industry.

How to Participate and Support SCTE Energy Management

Learn Where to Save: Build Your Energy Management Knowledge

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SCTE Standards is seeking new members to help develop recommended practices and standards in key energy-management and other exciting areas. Join the program to save your company money and get ahead of energy-efficient technologies. Learn how you can get involved – Join SCTE Standards.

Educate the Industry: Work with SCTE on Energy Education & Best Practices
Expand the awareness of energy-management and position your brand as a leader by developing education and training programs with SCTE. Your company can create a course or primer on energy topics relevant to your interests – contact SCTE about Education and Training Partnerships

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Make your presence known in the growing marketplace of energy efficient products and services by exhibiting – Reserve Your Exhibit Space or participate in the SCTE Smart Energy Management Showcase at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo –Contact SCTE Energy Management

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With SCTE leading the cable industry's strategic plan for smart energy it’s important for members to know the vast knowledge of power, density, and performance growth so they can continue to control costs and improve efficiencies. Test your energy knowledge!

Answer questions in 5 rounds of energy related categories to charge the battery level. By answering all 5 questions correctly, the battery will fully charge and you win the energy trivia challenge. Need guidance on an answer? SCTE and its partner Alpha Technologies are here to assist you with a 50/50, poll the audience, and ask SCTE.

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