Interface Practices Subcommittee (IPS)

Subcommittee Chair: 
Kevin Gantt 
Sr. Product Engineer, Cable R&D 
CommScope, Inc.

:  Interface Practices Subcommittee develops standards for cables, connectors, active and passive equipment used in broadband communications systems.


Working Groups:
1 – Active devices
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2 – Passive devices
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3 – Connector & Cable testing
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5 – Fiber Optic Interface
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6 – Construction & Maintenance
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Current Projects:  The majority of the work in IPS is maintaining existing standards to ensure compliance with the never-ending changes in the network.  New technologies, new transportation techniques and new network topologies require compatible legacy style components as well as new component designs in order to allow operators to seamlessly update their networks.  IPS is currently updating a wide range of passive and active devices to meet the demands of DOCSIS 3.1, tighter regulations and MoCA compliance.  IPS is also expanding its scoping into fiber optics interfaces.  Below is a list of active projects within the subcommittee:

  • Revision of ANSI/SCTE 01 2006 – Specification for "F" Port, Female, Outdoor
  • Revision of ANSI/SCTE 02 2006 – Specification for "F" Port, Female, Indoor
  • Revision of ANSI/SCTE 87-1 2008 – Graphic Symbols for Cable Telecommunications Part 1: HFC Symbols
  • New Standard IPS SP 011 – Specification for Braided 75 Ω, Micro-Series Quad Shield Coaxial Cable MMCX Connectivity and Dense CCAP/Edge QAM Applications
  • New Standard IPS SP 217 – Specification for MoCA Operation in Drop Passives: Splitters, Couplers and Power Inserters
  • New Standard IPS SP 218 – Specification for MoCA Operation in Drop Actives: Amplifiers
  • New Standard IPS SP 915 – DWDM aggregation for TDM PON
  • New Standard IPS TP 901 – Procedures for Testing CWDM Systems in CATV Access Networks