SCTE LiveLearning Webinars™ 2017 Schedule

January: “Improving Multiscreen Services”
This new collaboration between SCTE/ISBE and BTR begins with a look at how to overcome the challenges operators have discovered as they meet subscribers' requirements for any content on any device. Operators must choose from a variety of options for preparing and delivering video on multiple screens. And unlike the purpose-built video networks of the past, in multiscreen OTT distribution there are no well-defined quality standards such as IPTV’s SCTE-168. 
This webinar begins with a look at the challenges of delivering and monitoring acceptable multiscreen video quality and how to address them. It then discusses the need for development of a “video quality currency,” and proposes mechanisms to meet that need.

February: “Deploying and Maintaining DOCSIS 3.1”
A growing number of operators are readying their first deployments of DOCSIS 3.1 technology. This webinar offers insights into what operators should know as they embark on field trials and move toward full deployment, based on expert insight and direct experience with existing trials.

March: “Test & Measurement Trends”
This webinar will take provide an overview of major trends in test and measurement for cable operator networks with a deep dive into areas of significant interest from three experts in the field. 

April: “Delivering Internet Protocol Television”
The switch to IPTV services is well underway for many operators. This webinar reviews some of the more common strategies for enabling IPTV as well as the effects the move to digital TV delivery may have for other services.

May: “Analyzing and Troubleshooting Today’s Wi-Fi Networks”
WiFi has emerged as the most common means of distributed broadband capacity around the residential subscriber’s premises. It also holds the potential to become the most common source of trouble calls. This webinar will review what can be done to ensure a happy WiFi-enabled customer.

June: “Fiber Construction and Restoration”
Whether you’re deploying fiber to the premises, extending fiber deeper into your network to enable greater capabilities on your HFC plant, or just tending the fiber you have already, optical networking likely has become a greater part of your capex and opex budgets. This webcast highlights ways to get the most for your investment and plan for future service capabilities.

July: “Virtualization in the Network”
With announcements of virtual CCAP technology a major theme at last year’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, it seems that operators are ready to consider adding network functions virtualization to their networks. But what does this mean, exactly? This webinar will aim to offer an introduction to virtualization, discussions of the potential benefits and use cases, and suggestions for a virtualization strategy.

August: “A Look at Full Duplex DOCSIS 3.1”
CableLabs launched its efforts to create specifications for Full Duplex DOCSIS 3.1 last year. This webinar will offer a progress report on this initiative and discuss how operators might deploy and use the symmetrical 10-Gbps capabilities Full Duplex promises.

September: “The New World of Content Discovery”
Operators have moved from passive lists of channels to active content recommendations and personalized content presentations to help subscribers find the content they seek. These new capabilities draw not only from content operators deliver themselves but over-the-top (OTT) content as well. This webinar will examine the current state of content discovery and what’s being done to make content easier for subscribers to review and access.

October: “RF over Glass at the Premises”
October 19th webinar will be executed October 12, 2017 
With all the talk about EPON and GPON and next-generation PON, it might be easy to forget that RF over Glass remains a viable option for operators who want to reach subscribers with fiber. This webinar will look at how RFoG compares to other all-fiber options and the use cases where it shines brightest.

November: “Proactive Network Maintenance for DOCSIS 3.1”
Support of Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) is one of the major benefits of DOCSIS 3.1. This webinar reviews PNM in the DOCSIS 3.1 context and examines how operators can best employ it.

December: “Exploring Cable Mobility”
December 21st webinar will be executed December 14, 2017
Cable operators already leverage WiFi to support subscriber needs. But some are beginning to wonder whether they should add mobile phone and broadband services to their slate of offerings. This webinar describes some of the factors that operators are weighing and provides insight on the potential strategies they might pursue to get into the mobile game.

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