DVEP Study Resources

Digital Video Engineering Professional (DVEP) Resources (pdf)

The following list of resources for the DVEP certification exam will be revised periodically so check back to ensure you have the most current list.

DVEP Course - Primary Resource

This is the most effective study resource in preparing for the DVEP exam.

Digital Video Engineering Professional Training Course - The SCTE Digital Video Engineering Professional (DVEP) courses helps broadband professionals to gain the knowledge required in the engineering aspects of digital media (which includes video, audio, interactive services, and associated data) systems as deployed in the Cable Telecommunications Industry.

Books and PowerPoints - Primary Resources

These resources will be very helpful in preparing for the DVEP exam.

Digital Video Systems Deployment, DVEP Section 5 PowerPoint training developed by Cox Communications

ARRIS/SCTE Pocket Guide , free and online for SCTE members

DTV: The Revolution in Digital Video; Jerry Whitaker (ISBN 0 07 135021 7)

Modern Cable Television Technology, Second Edition; Ciciora, Farmer, Large, and Adams (ISBN 1558608281)
(Chapters 4, 5, 22 and parts of Chapter 25 cover digital video compression, transmission and reception)

Video Demystified: A Handbook for the Digital Engineer, Keith Jack (ISBN 0750683953)

Books – Secondary Resources

These publications may be helpful in preparing for the DVEP exam, depending on the candidate’s experience and knowledge of the field.

Digital Television: A Practical Guide for Engineers, Walter Fischer and H. von Renouard

Digital Television Fundamentals; Michael Robin and Michel Poulin

Digital Video and HDTV Algorithms and Interfaces, Charles Poynton (ISBN 1558607927)

Digital Video Compression, Peter Symes (ISBN 0071424873)

DVB: The family of International Standards for Digital Broadcasting, U. Reimers (ISBN 354043545X)

Interactive TV Standards;Steven Morris and Anthony Smith-Chaigneau (ISBN 0240806662)
(Covers high level OCAP, MHP, JavaTV, DVB, JMF, DSM-CC)

Video Compression Demystified, Peter Symes ISBN 0-07-136324-6


DVEP certification candidates need to be familiar with the following standards and know how to use them as references.
Standards Organizations:

AES Standards: http://www.aes.org/standards/

ATSC Standards: http://www.atsc.org/standards/