BPS and BPS Endorsement

In June 2008 the Broadband Premises Specialist (BPS) and BPS endorsement (Video, Voice, and Data) certifications were replaced by two new certifications - Broadband Premises Installer (BPI) and Broadband Premises Technician (BPT). The BPS exams continued to be available for one year after the new certifications were launched. Beginning July 1, 2009, the BPS and BPS endorsement exams are no longer offered. The BPS and endorsement certifications will continue to be active until they are recertified. At that time, the BPS/endorsement certifications will be migrated as follows:

Current BPS Certification Migration to New BP Certifications after June, 2009 at Time of Recertification
  • BPS
  • Broadband Premises Installer (BPI)
  • BPS and up to two endorsements
  • Broadband Premises Installer (BPI)
  • BPS and all three endorsements
  • Broadband Premises Installer (BPI)
  • Broadband Premises Technician (BPT)

New certificates are issued at the time of recertification to reflect the migrated certifications.